We’ve heard from many women that with the time constraints of daily life, it’s difficult to find ways to prioritize their health and better understand the ‘why’ behind what they are feeling. That was the catalyst for the Evie ring – to build a solution that unlocks and clarifies the unique biometrics of the body in order to give women the tools they need to make changes that will lead to healthier lives.

Unlocking the evidence within your own body

Our name is derived from the words evidence and evolution, and that understanding your overall health is a lifelong journey. Your body is always trying to tell you something, but it can be confusing and time consuming to identify and understand. You can tell a lot about your health by monitoring just a few biometrics, and that’s where Evie comes in. 

Helping women achieve the energy and strength needed to tackle their day

Evie works hard in the background, so you don’t have to. We know that you don’t need one more demand of your time, so Evie gives you clear data and meaningful insights to help you understand your body’s natural baseline and how to feel your best.

Backed by Movano Health, a purpose-driven healthcare company at the forefront of health technology

Since 2018, Movano Health has been developing personal health solutions at the intersection of wellness and medical technology. Movano Health believes health data should be accessible and actionable for everyone and is working on future technology to bring this vision to life.

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The Links Between Biometrics and Women's Health

There’s a big opportunity to increase attention and investment in understanding the link between women’s biometrics and their health. Here's why monitoring a few key biometrics can help.

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