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Women Want More From Their Wearables

We asked 1,000 women ages 30-75, who were either a current or prospective user of wearables and/or digital wellness tracking devices, about their needs and desires when it comes to wearables and digital wellness. The results tell a clear story about the need for more accurate wearables.   

Here are some highlights from the study: 

  • In evaluating 15 “product performance” features, 65% of women indicated that FDA approval of wellness metrics is a high priority. 
  • The majority of women surveyed expressed they are interested in purchasing a wearable in order to focus on their overall health. 
  • The most common hesitation in purchasing a wearable device for women who don’t currently own one was a concern about accuracy of data. Until accuracy is tackled, wearables will continue to be used with a focus on fitness performance rather than a true measure of overall health and wellness. 
  • When asked when lifestyle attitudes and goals most resonated with them, most women are looking to understand their body (85%) and improve their health (75%).  Participating in the next physical challenge (38%) or fitness trend (22%) fell to the bottom of the stack rank for these women. 

Women's survey results infographic

As wearables catch up to what women truly need, we will continue to encourage them to use their voice to ask for what they want and deserve.

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