Meet the Medical Advisory Board Behind Evie Ring
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Meet the Medical Advisory Board Behind Evie Ring

Get an inside look at the medical professionals helping us raise the bar for women’s health technology.

You’ve heard about Evie Ring. But you may not know as much about the amazing team of women on our medical board helping us deliver on our mission to create world-class wearable technology, designed for women’s health.

From Movano Health to Evie Ring, we’re redefining the standard for women’s health technology

Evie Ring was developed through our parent company, Movano Health. At its core, Movano Health is a medical device company on a mission to make clinical-grade health data accessible and actionable for everyone.

It’s these roots in medical-grade technology that sets Evie apart. We want to make a true impact by empowering women with an easy-to-use tool to better understand their health and make changes they can measure (and feel!) in real-time.

An inside look at advisory boards

At Evie, our board serves as trusted advisors and partners in:
  • Identifying and prioritizing new health topics women care about
  • Ensuring inclusivity and including the experience of all who could benefit from Evie
  • Looking for ways to improve Evie users’ experience with evidence-based practices

Meet our advisory board

As a company creating smart rings for women’s health, we felt it was essential to have experienced, highly qualified medical professionals on our team who understood women’s health from the inside out. 

Our board is composed of female medical professionals with decades of expertise in sleep health, mental health, heart health, and women’s health. These professionals reflect our mission to ensure the highest quality of health data and that women’s voices and experiences are represented and prioritized at Evie Ring.

Dr. Fátima Rodriguez, MD, MPH

Dr. Fátima Rodriguez, MD, MPH

With nearly a decade of medical practice under her belt, Dr. Fátima Rodriguez has spent her career working in internal medicine, cardiovascular health and disease prevention, lipid disorders, and more. She’s extensively researched gender, racial, and ethnic disparities in heart disease prevention and the development of new strategies to address health disparities.

Dr. Rodriguez serves as Section Chief and Associate Professor of Preventive Cardiology at Stanford University. She also currently practices as a noninvasive preventative cardiologist.

Education, Awards, and Honors
  • MD from Harvard Medical School
  • Master’s of Public Health from Harvard School of Public Health
  • Zuckerman Fellow with Harvard Center for Public Leadership
  • Fellow on the American Heart Association’s Council on Epidemiology
  • Board of Directors for the American Society of Preventive Cardiology
Learn more about Dr. Rodriguez here >>

Dr. Andrea Matsumura, MD, MS, FACP

Dr. Andrea Matsumara, MD, MS, FACP
Since earning her medical degree from the University of Texas San Antonio Medical School in 1999, Dr. Andrea Matsumura has gone on to receive the title of one of Portland, Oregon’s “Top Doctors” several years running. Dr. Matsumura spent 12 years practicing internal medicine before deciding to specialize in sleep health. She now serves at the Oregon Sleep Clinic as a sleep medicine specialist.

Dr. Matsumura’s specialties include sleep disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disorders, the relationship between chronic conditions and sleep, how women’s sleep differs from men's, and how to improve sleep for women.

Noteworthy Education, Awards, and Honors
  • MD from University of Texas, San Antonio Medical School
  • Master’s of Science in Biology from University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Fellowship in Sleep Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University 
  • Awarded Portland Monthly Magazine’s “Top Doctors”
  • Fellow for American College of Physicians (FACP)
Learn more about Dr. Matsumura here >>

Dr. Ruth C. White, PhD, MPH, MSW, RSW

Dr. Ruth C. White, PhD, MPH, MSW, RSW
Dr. Ruth C. White has been a recognized expert and powerful voice for mental health and stress management for over two decades. With an insatiable passion for learning that's crossed numerous disciplines, Dr. White has dedicated her career to providing actionable insights into how people can manage and improve their health. She is currently (Acting) Director of Equity, Diversion & Inclusion, for the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (Canada).

She's authored numerous works on evidence-based stress relief techniques for outlets such as Harvard Business Review and Fast Company, and two books including the popular ‘The Stress Management Workbook: De-Stress in 10 minutes or less’. She also regularly publishes on her popular blog hosted on Psychology Today, Culture in Mind.

Dr. White has spent the past 20 years as a social work professor at UC Berkeley, the University of Southern California, Seattle University (tenured), San Francisco State, Fordham, and the University of Toronto, and as an in-demand thought leader and expert in diversity, wellness and mental health. 

Education, Awards, and Honors
  • PhD in Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley
  • Master’s of Public Health (MPH) in Maternal and Child Health and International Health from the University of California, Berkeley
  • Master’s of Social Work (MSW) from McGill University
  • Dozens of appearances as mental health contributor for KRON4-TV Bay Area.
  • Provided critical support to the NAACP, PwC, Premera, Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, Montreal Police Force, Uganda Ministry of Health, University of Belize, JPMorganChase, and more.
Learn more about Dr. Ruth White here >>
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