Health Metrics

The Evie ring monitors your heart rate, heart rate variability, and SpO2 levels to provide a baseline understanding of your heart health. Continuous monitoring helps you identify patterns and notice changes that could indicate you may need to take action. With Evie “Spot check” you can also perform a live, on-demand review of heart rate and SpO2 at any time.

Menstrual Cycle

Evie’s clear calendar view, together with detailed symptom and mood tracking, gives you a full picture of your period and ovulation cycle. The Evie app experience is designed to meet you where you are.

Sleep Quality

Sleep patterns and vitals during sleep provide strong insights into your overall health and well-being. Evie’s medical grade algorithms measure key vitals overnight, giving you a clear picture of your sleep zones each morning, and helping you identify disturbances. Together with powerful insights, this data helps you identify how to get more restful sleep.

Activity Tracking

Evie monitors movement and activity, giving you credit for all the activity in your day, from taking a walk to gardening. And Evie can go a step further, giving you more detailed information about your workout including active heart rate, and active metabolic calorie burn. Evie also allows you to set personalized goals, and easily view your activity progress over time.

  • Health Metrics

    Resting Heart Rate

    Heart Rate Variability


    Respiration Rate

    Skin Temp Variability

  • Menstrual Health

    Period Estimation

    Ovulation Estimation

    Symptom Tracking

    Mood Tracking

  • Sleep Quality

    Sleep Duration

    Sleep Stages

  • Activity Tracking

    Activity Minutes

    Activity Calories

    Metabolic Calories