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  • "Game-Changing Wellness Gadgets at CES That Are Redefining Health Tracking"

  • "With the Evie smart ring, Movano Health is looking to carve its own niche..."

  • "[Evie] will help women track and manage their sleep quality and menstrual cycles through [perimenopause]."

  • Health Metrics

    Detailed measures of your heart rate, heart rate variability, and SpO₂ during activity and at rest, provide a baseline understanding of your health and help identify patterns.

  • Menstrual Cycle

    Symptom tracking helps you better understand the timing and nature of your individual cycle, including period onset and ovulation windows.

  • Sleep Quality

    Vitals during sleep provide strong insights into your health and wellbeing. Paired with pattern identification around your sleep behavior, Evie helps identify how to get more restful sleep.

  • Activity Tracking

    Continuous monitoring of all movement helps you track against your activity goals. Evie measures both metabolic and active calories burned to give you a detailed picture of your activity output.

Designed specifically for women

Evie’s unique open design is flexible, ensuring it fits well and is comfortable throughout the day. Whether you’re sleeping or working out, the ring will flex with your lifestyle.

Whole health wrapped around your finger

We know that a good day looks different for everyone, so Evie combines and personalizes data from all aspects of your life to give you a better picture of how to achieve your goals.

Health data you can rely on

Accuracy of your data is critical. Evie gives you medical grade data you can trust to use in conversations with your healthcare team, coaches and family members.

Actionable insights, personalized for you

The Evie app combines ring data and algorithms that deliver actionable insights personalized for you.

For every woman at every stage

Whether you are in your reproductive years, post menopause, or anywhere in between, Evie is there to support you on your health journey.